Welcome to Whittingham Asylum, the place where people come to help with their... special little problems. Have you come to join the ranks? We hope you enjoy your stay... But you probably won't.


We are an original Asylum roleplay which would just LOVE for you to join. We are yet to open but we have five fantastic apps in our inbox and need five more to open. Much love to you all and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

-Admin Bobbie 

Anonymous majestically whispered: If Alexis' character (Ava) is supposed to be mute and can't talk how does one RP that?

She would carry around a note pad or something of the type and she would just write out her replies to people lovely

-Admin Bobbie <3 

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obruentmortem majestically whispered: Hi! Do you accept OCs? I read your pages--some of them wouldn't load, like the application form, but I couldn't find anything about OCs. I think mine might be an interesting addition. Could you maybe link me to the application form? There must be something wrong with my computer, I'm sorry. Anyway. I'd love to apply! :D

Oh my god I used to roleplay with you on my indie account! I’d love to have you here. We do accept OCs! I’m mobile so I can’t check but I think the link for the app form is; http://whittinghamasylum-rp.tumblr.com/af

So we’re only six apps away from being able to open! Why don’t you come apply you flawless person?

-Admin Danni

App Count Updated!; {4}

elitefangirl-deactivated2014092 majestically whispered: I'll be applying sometime soon! This looks great :)

Thank you! We can’t wait for your app!

So I’ve just updated the theme! Why don’t you come see, tell me what you think and then if you like us, you could always throw some apps our way. Only seven apps until we can open!

-Admin Danni

App Count Updated!; {3}

So we have three wonderful apps, along with one for myself and Danni. We need seven more apps before we’re going to accept so it would be so great for you to come and check us out. If you have a FC suggestion, let us know and one of us will make a bio for them, or make an OC. The more the merrier! 

So we have two apps, plus the admins have a character each so that already makes a total of four. We’d like eight more apps before we accept so why don’t you come take a look. (ignore the theme though, I’m currently looking for a different, better one)